Overview of men's wardrobe with the Newchic store.

Usually I show you many suggestions for women's stylizations, interesting clothes that can be hunted down in shops to recommendable online stores. In all this, I forget about men, and yet they need to be looked after and cannot be ignored. Today I have prepared some interesting men's clothes for you, which you can find in the Newchic online store. It will be mainly an outer garment, perfectly matching the prevailing trends.

Teddy Hoodies. A must have in men's wardrobe

Plush, cozy and warm sweatshirts are undoubtedly a huge hit of the fall and winter season, especially winter. They provide a lot of warmth, cover with plush and make it impossible to take it off. Teddy hoodies are usually liked by women, but such sweatshirts are also available in the men's version, and men who love fashion and like to play with it must appear in their wardrobe. Below are some models of plush sweatshirts that caught my eye while browsing the Newchic store offer.

Teddy Hoodies for men

Men's corduroy jacket. The hit of the 2020 season

Another proposition I have for men are men's corduroy jackets. Corduroy is back in favor again. This typical winter fabric returns in a modern edition and will certainly become a hit of the fall / winter 2020 season and will certainly be the leader of spring 2021. Corduroy jacket mens will be the perfect complement to everyday men's stylizations in a more sporty edition.

Kurtki sztruksowe dla mężczyzn.

hits for mens Corduroy jacket mens

Męskie kurtki sztruksowe hit zima 2020

Men's coats for the fall / winter season

If it is to be more elegant, men's wardrobes must not lack elegant hooded trench coat mens and long coat men, which definitely add +100 male elegance.

Męskie płaszcze zimowe.

zimowe kurtki męskie

Pajamas for men

Okay, we can say that men are already dressed every day, and what should they wear in the evening? Of course, pajamas. In theory, most men avoid them like fire and I don't know why? After all, there is nothing wrong with the fact that a man sleeps in Fauxs Silk Pajamas, especially since today's ones are really pretty and stylish.

stylowe piżamy męskie

Męskie spodenki do spania

Blanket hoodies perfect for a gift

Staying in the topic of pajamas and beds, I have something great for anyone who is cold, a person who likes to spend winter evenings under a blanket with a cup of hot tea or a blanket, or blanket hoodies, which will be the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. They are available in a version for women and men, so everyone will find something for themselves.

gift for men

All the items presented can be found in the Newchic store.