How to Attach Your Lace Front Wig Solidly

You will get many hairstyles and varied looking when wearing front lace wigs. But please make sure that your lace front wig is being kept in place firmly.You can wear a lace front wig and needn't remove it for more than one month when properly sealed. Learning how to maintain the seal on a lace front wig can extend the time of your hairstyle and you will avoid embarrassing situations that your lace front wigs fly away suddenly on important occasions.

Keep the application area clean and dry. If you do not properly clean the application area before applying a lace front wig can result in a faulty seal that can easily be separated.Moisten a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol, and use it to wipe away any oil and particles at the application area prior to attach the lace front wig. Do not use heavy oil based sheens on the application area to prevent loosening the adhesive bond.

It is better to apply a tight seal with hair glue. Use short wide strokes to apply an adequate amount of glue from the edge of the application area into the hairline. Use your pointer finger to assess the glue by gently touching the area where you first begin to glue. The glue should stretch easily and appear stringy when ready. This process may take more than ten minutes, and it is vital to keeping the lace frotn wig down. Start at the mid-forehead and begin pressing the lace front wig down until the whole application area is covered.

Secure the lace front wig with double sided tape if you would rather use tape instead of hair glue. Peel away the protective backing of one side of the tape and attach the exposed adhesive along your prepped hairline. Place the lace front wig along the tapeline,ensure it's in the correct fitted position. Begin peeling the backing off the second side of the tape and press the lace front wig in place until the front of the wig is completely applied. Double sided tape can hold lace front wig down for up to 40 days when properly applied. Bonding tape offers increased protection against scalp sweating,it's good thing.

Assess the bonding area regularly. Since factors such as physical activity and hairstyling stress affect the adhesive bond of a lace front wig, it's important to stop minor problems before the wig comes completely out of place. Use a mirror to look for weakened points along the adhesive area. Correct weak spots by applying additional glue or tape after cleaning the area. When several weak spots are found, it's time to remove the lace front wig and prepare a new application.

Protect the adhesive bond. Extend the life of your lace front wig application by taking precautions against undue stress along the adhesive site. Wear hats and scarves during windy weather to keep the lace front wig down. Wrap your hair up at night to prevent excessive rubbing and sweating at the site,be careful not to pulling the lace front wig into tight ponytails and buns.