Gadżety silikonowe przydatne w kuchni

Silicone products have recently become very popular and desired by many housewives because they are practical, easy to cook, light, space-saving and easy to clean.

I have many custom silicone products at home that I recommend to anyone, such as:

  • All kinds of cake molds, i.e. the best cake molds on the market. These molds are very durable, resistant to high temperatures, do not require lubrication, do not stick to them, are easy to clean, take up little space and have many applications. In our house, of course, they are used for baking, but I often make various accessories in them, and children have a lot of molds with which they play with play dough
świąteczne formy do ciasta

  • A silicone sponge for washing dishes is my absolute must-have. The first time I saw her at my mom's, I knew I had to have her. Such a silicone sponge washes dishes very thoroughly, it is easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe and will not stink after a while

  • A silicone brush is another must-have in every kitchen that needs no introduction. Its greatest advantage is, of course, that it is easy to keep clean
silikonowy pędzel

  • Silicone hands or silicone gloves are indispensable helpers in any kitchen, especially when you bake or cook a lot. They do not let too much heat in, so there is no way to burn your hands
gadżety, które ułatwią gotowanie

Liquid silicone for molds is not only molds for baking cakes and other useful gadgets for the kitchen. A very nice offer of such products can be found in the newtoprubber store, which has a huge selection of various products useful for children, in the bathroom and other places. Be sure to get acquainted with the store's offer and make your life easier.